We will be conducting an annual catalog that will display hundreds of limited high end consumer products. These products will be captured using local personalities and professionals. These individuals and products will be captured by a select hand full of local photographers, and videographers. Displaying a series of unique talents and styles.


The team is looking forward to launching another division of the publication in Frisco Texas. We look forward to actively taking part in community projects and events. With our main objective being centered around helping spot light local and surrounding business, professionals, and personalities.

E/Exclusive as a nationally and internationally recognized magazine in the areal of fashion, automotive and entertainment industries. From the suits you wear, to the leather interior of your car, to the marble counter tops in your home, culminating in the look of fulfillment on your face. E/EX Mag is the first to feed the hunger of both men and women, while efficiently introducing new ways to improve their overall lifestyle.




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